Tuesday, March 19, 2013

                                      HE DIED FOR YOU WHY CAN'T YOU LIVE FOR HIM?

This is a simple question to ask to many people. When i read this question i said WOW! It's a question that you don't even have to think about because you know its true! Jesus died for us on the cross to save our lives, He died for our sins, He died to show us how much He loves us!Why can't we live for Him now in this world. Many people  need Jesus in there Life. I pray for so many people in the world that need that love that Jesus gave to me. If you want Jesus's love find Him! Take the right path and make the right descisions! Jesus Loves you! And He wants you to love Him too. He wants you to search for Him, Talk to Him! Jesus won't Judge , He will listen and give you the answers you need in your life. Remeber this Question always  IF HE DIED FOR YOU WHY CAN'T YOU LIVE FOR HIM? GOD BLESS :)

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