Saturday, May 17, 2014


 I was reading The One Year Devotional book and I stumbled across a page and it left me speechless. Speaking out. We Christians speak about God freely surrounded by our own kind , by Christians. But will you speak out in public full of non believers? We loose our voice when surrounded by non Christians because we are probably afraid of how they will react. Trust me that's my fear, to one day speak out and getting a horrible result. But we have to remember that Jesus did it. He went  through it all. Matthew 10:32- Jesus wants us to speak out for Him no matter where we are or who we are with. He promises all who acknowledge Him on earth that He will acknowledge them before God. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Don't let the crowd keep you from standing up for Christ.- One Year Devotional x plotos

Thursday, May 15, 2014

God loves you anyways. You will probably sin over and over but He still loves you! He is sadden that you sin but His love will never go away. How amazing is that? You may not love Him  , not even know Him. But He knows you and loves you without limits .wow. When I write this I feel shaken by the holy spirit. How amazing. Sometimes I'm confused why many don't love God but He still Loves. Wow. He is waiting for you to love Him back. Ya He loves me anyways. I may make a lot of mistakes but His love never fails it never goes away. You may think your a horrible person saying NO ONE loves you. But that isn't true Because God is still there with His love open wide . Its up to you to accept. To accept that limitless love. That unfailing love. You may think how can He love me if I'm a bad person? You still have forgiveness from God. And two I don't know  how He could love every one of us the way we are. But that's how amazing He is. He is willing to forgive our sins and love us like none of it ever happened. The past is in the past. Love is waiting for you just accept it. And love Him back . GOD BLESS:)



Monday, May 12, 2014

God's Beautiful Creation!

  Today I looked out  outside and took a moment to admire God's creation. How beautiful to know that God made the blue skies above and green grass below. Sometimes I come to think how did He get the amazing idea to make the sky blue? He could of made it  yellow, white or even purple. But no, He decided on blue. Every creation every color is perfect and beautiful. My heart beats with love and amazement knowing God made all these creations and they are all perfect. Instead of worrying or being angry, take a moment and  look beyond what you see. Look at the beautiful  sky above. Look at how  every flower is different in its own way. Admire what God has created and be thankful. And if you haven't smile yet..... Smile! Never forget to smile.  The world itself is truly amazing so smile because you get to see how amazing God's creation is.

Genesis  1:31-"Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!"