Monday, May 13, 2013


  Sometimes we are so worried or so impatient about the future that we go crazy because thats all we think about.  I'm always thinking of what will happen next in my life. But i started realizing that im thinking so much about my future that my connection with GOD is slowly disconnecting. INstead of Talking to Him and only thinking about today and just let the future come to me the way it wants to , im just all day thinking of what i want to be  in life or what job will i get in the future. Or when will i meet that special someone. Today im changing and all im going to do is think about today focus more on GOD and  learn more about Him by reading the bible. IM just going to let GOD do His work and not worry about the future. IM just going to let the future surprise me! Because if you  Just focus on GOD i surely promise you that the Lord will show you what  is your purpose in LIFE but we have to be patient we may want our questions to GOD be answered the next day but it doesnt work like that. God works at His own TIME and He does it Perfectly. HE will never Fail you. So if your like me non stop thinking and worrying  about what the future might bring to you, Start today by saying to GOD, GOD today i leave the my futre in your Hands and i will today focus on today only and be proud and thankful for what tomorow has to bring. AMEN <3 GOD BLESS EVERYONE! <3

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