Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If you have a dream never give up on it always have faith in that one day your dream will come true. It may be a simple dream as to  maybe one day travel or the big dream  to change one day someone's life. No matter how small or big your dream is always keep it and never give up on it. The Lord will always be by your side. You may want your dream to come true the next day but you have to earn it. God wont just grant you wish like a geni.....He wants  to see if you'll work for it if you'll give it your all.... and most important have Faith even if it takes years for your dream to come true.Martin Luther King always faught for his dream he gave it his all even if he had to go through so many obstacles but in the end  he was Victorious!  and i know God was proud because he never gave up. I admire that most about Him! So if today you decided to give up on your dream and your reading this.... I hope that  you  take that dream right back to your heart and  leave it there always . Pray each night for your dream to come true! im sure someone out there prayed with faith and they recieved there dream! God bless <3

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