Saturday, January 11, 2014

    TODAY at  4:00 am.. yes im still AWAKE as always I cant sleep. its been a while since ive posted anything. I guess I didn't know what to say no more. I just needed to find myself first in order to post anything at all.....  Ever since 8th grade when I entered English class I fell inlove with writing! I knew that I wanted to one day pursue writing. So I went home everyday after school and took out my journal and wrote on and on. I wrote poems, fiction stories, etc. But then I finally discovered  that I wanted to be an inspirational writer. But recently ive decided I wasnt really good at writing yes I still love writing but is it for me I asked myself. So right then and there I decide to give up on it. On my dream! So its funny that for a long time I haven't visited my blog and today at 4 am I decided to. So I read every post I put  and there it was plain and simple I told you guys in a post to never give up on your dreams even if there's tough times and here I was giving up on mine... So today I decided to take  my own advice and bring that dream,  to one day be a writer or who knows an English teacher? BACK into my Heart. I don't know if it will be my career or just a hobby But As long as Writing stays in my life forever im happy! And im glad I finally realize that, because honestly when I picked up that laptop and starting typing I realized how very much I missed it.  Hope to be writing again here in this blog! :)

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